Intuitive/Medium-Karen Ann

2018/10/13 11:00 - 2018/10/13 17:00

Does your mind run constantly making it impossible to just be?  Karen Ann (Annji) is an Intuitive mentor, Divine Channel, and Medium that specializes in Soul Alignment through the discovery of the Self.  Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentient and claircognizance, divine channel, and medium. Annji opens the gateway to your own gifts to emerge and blossom by…


Intuitive Tarot-Sia Spade

2018/10/13 11:00 - 2018/10/13 17:00

Sia Spade is a trilingual tarot card reader and intuitive healer, her metaphysical gifts and talents are a direct result of her ancestry.   She is a descendant of a spiritual and claircognizant bloodline that travels through her heritage hundreds of years. Her clarity, compassion, insightfulness, and wisdom allow her to access a spiritually refreshing…