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May 1
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    Medium/Life Path Readings - Caroline

    12:00 pm-5:00 pm
    123 Main St, Freeport, ME, United States
    Life Path Work: Bringing certain events throughout your lifetime (timeline fractures) into awareness so they can be observed and made neutral; giving you the ability to live life on a grander scale with freedom and ease.$65-30 min; $125-1hr; $150-90 min.Registration

    Sound Healing Journeywork for Alignment with the New Earth-Ben Carroll

    6:00 pm-7:30 pm
    This is a unique event for unique times.It appears that we are in the time that so many of us have asked for and worked towards. Whether we realize it or not, we are in the midst of massive changes on a planetary scale...but much of the world is currently functioning from within a state of sweeping fear.EXPERIENCING MASSIVE CHANGE IS NOT COMFORTABLE.Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos...or whatever name you choose...we are activating, reactivating, up-leveling. We must be careful to not let ourselves get entrained into the fear that has spread like wildfire. It is OK to experience the fear, but we must be careful to not allow ourselves to be overcome. We can acknowledge these denser energies, but choose to actively work through and release them. From the right state of mind releasing the denser energies can be done quickly and with ease.The truth is that we have an unparalleled opportunity.From the space of our highest alignment we can create a new world. We are not victims, we are each powerful creators. Remember this important fact.During this powerful 90 minute sonic event we will utilize sound and energy to help us achieve a blissfully relaxed state. We will set the intention to release any fear that may be lingering within and release any of the denser energies that are coming to the surface at this time. From this space of relaxed release we can allow ourselves to come back into energetic alignment with the highest version of ourselves.We can OPEN OURSELVES back up, RAISE OUR VIBRATION, and MOVE INTO RESONANCE with the NEW EARTH that we dream of.Guided by former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll, we will utilize the energy of the group coming together to amplify our intention as we experience Ben's 4+ octave voice, quartz crystal singing bowls, solfeggio tubes, coupled with elements like binaural beats designed to help us go even deeper.(More info on Ben Carroll: http://www.innerselfsustained.com/about-ben-carroll)Enjoy this experience from the comfort of your own home, all you need is:*Access to the internet and Zoom.*A quiet space where you can remain interrupted for 90 minutes.*Blankets, pillows, and wherever will make you comfortable laying down. (Remaining seated is also an option if that better serves you.)*Stereo Headphones (The higher the quality, the better the sound, but any headphones will do.)Preregister with Leapin' Lizards : $20 
    ✨🌟✨With pre-registration you'll receive a free download of Ben's album "Cultivating Bliss Volume 2: Awakening the Chakras EXTENDED Binaural Beat Edition" which features over 7 hours of singing bowl music layered with binaural beats. Hopefully this can bring some daily soothing peace into your home during this stressful time. 💚🙏🏻💚