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February 25 - March 03
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    Psychic Readings/Mary Levasseur-McMann

    11:00 am-5:00 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States
    Third generation Tarot Card reader and intuitive.$25-15 min.; $45-1/2hr; $75-hrRegistration
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    Igniting the Witch Within- Jen Fox

    6:00 pm-8:00 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States
     Igniting the Witch Within:Witch University 101: What does it mean to be a Witch in 2018? Here you will find out the beauty of claiming the word Witch. We are not the cartoon Witches of the past. We are your Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers and friends. We are the embodiment of feminine strength, wisdom and earth energy. In this series you will be taught to access your inner power to manifest joy, happiness and freedom. You will learn to communicate with nature and your ancestors. You will learn to create Ceremony, Ritual and understand the Pagan Calendar. This class will empower you to access your Divine essence and understand the sacred balance of masculine and feminine energy. You will discover the tools to help you create authentic power.This class will be facilitated by Jennifer Fox founder of The Peaceful Pagan and Living Om Yoga and Wellness. Jen Fox has been a practicing Witch for the past 30 years. She has inspired thousands of people through her blog to empower themselves through conscious living, right action and understanding their place in the world as Divine beings. Her classes are filled with kindness, light and joy.$150/series Registration
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    Readings and Healings/John Amoroso

    11:00 am-5:00 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States
    Shamanic Healer Reader
    Fate vs Destiny soul readings/healing
    Career Love Spiritual Development
    $25-15 min; $45-1/2hour; $75-hour
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    Divine Inspired Messenger, Medium, and Intuitive Channel-Karen Ann (Annji)

    11:00 am-5:00 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States

    Does your mind continuously run, making it impossible to 'just be'?  Do you feel 'off' or 'strange' something not quite right? Do you find yourself battling mood swings and emotional upheavals?  Are you sensing there is 'something more' but, can't quite place your finger on it? Needing to connect to a beloved for healing and clarity?

    Annji is a Divine Inspired Messenger, Medium, and Intuitive Channel who specializes in Soul Alignment through the discovery of the Higher Self.  She offers you readings filled with Divine insight and guidance from Universe to help you identify your Soul's desires; empowering you to face and dismantle blocks that hold you in resistance.


    The channels she receives are Divine Messages of unconditional love and healing which energetically redirect your feelings by opening you to a 'reset' on your first visit.  Annji believes that the key to healing is through self-empowerment, self-nurturing, and self- acceptance.


    Guided and trained by her Divine Light team she facilitates Metaphysical Clearings which rid the physical body and or your home of unhealthy energetic clutter.   Annji's faith in her abilities and her Divine Light squad are unyielding and carry a powerfully commanding presence. She does not use sage, drumming or need to be physically present; she performs all energetic clearings from her Sacred space.   Annji goes into a state of stillness connecting with her inner Divine, calls on her Light team, and promptly clears away the unhealthy energy both efficiently and lovingly. When done she shares the tools essential for continual upkeep and 'random energetic cleaning;' remember this is about YOU and YOUR power.


    Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizant, Divine Inspired Channeling, and mediumship.  Annji utilizes Angelic qualities in all of her readings, healing and clearing sessions.

    15 min read $30

    30 min read $60

    60 min read $125

    Personal Clearing Remote only $75

    House Clearing Remote $88

    In-house Clearing $150

    "There is an infinite and wise counsel in each of us.  It is my Divine purpose to guide you on a compelling journey to access this wisdom."  ~AnnjiRegistration
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    Intuitive Tarot-Sia Spade

    11:00 am-5:00 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States
    Sia Spade is a trilingual tarot card reader and intuitive healer, her metaphysical gifts and talents are a direct result of her ancestry.   She is a descendant of a spiritual and claircognizant bloodline that travels through her heritage hundreds of years. Her clarity, compassion, insightfulness, and wisdom allow her to access a spiritually refreshing outlook and understanding on life that she hopes to share with her clients through her readings. Sia has also been a registered nurse for the past thirty years, so she truly understands the essential need for humans to experience understanding, compassion, and connectedness. One session with Sia will have you experiencing a powerful and captivating journey beyond anything you can imagine. Her readings will truly resonate within you, and her enchanting essence will always be apart of your spiritual being 15 minutes $2530 minutes $5060 minutes $85Regsitration