Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Suitable for past and current life regression. There are many therapeutic reasons for choosing to use hypnotherapy for regression: *To gain insight into the causes of conditions and situations in your life. *To retrieve dormant talent and abilities. *To recall lost memories *To gain insight into recurring patterns in your history *For spiritual reasons or curiosity *To see not only who you were but motivation for future growth

*To visit your Akashic records *For self-discovery and more…..

It is recommended to arrange a session of Kinetic Chain Release prior to Past Life Regression (can be done same visit).  This balances  you physically, reduces stress and identifies the focus for your session.

*Kinetic Chain Release

This is an exciting NEW protocol to the US that brings the body back into balance, in many cases alleviating problems such as *Weak Ankles *Knee Problems *Hip and Joint Pain *Pelvic Discomfort *Back Shoulder, neck pain, TMJ headaches and more! This protocol has demonstrated the proven ability to even leg lengths and helps increase the range of mobility quickly! It is truly amazing and needs to be experienced to understand fully. Has been known to provide emotional releases, better sleep and clarity, focus and generally feeling better with body alignment! Great for all ages and those with sports misalignments.

It is preferable to book a Kinetic Chain Release session before receiving any hypnosis including Past Life Regression as it relieves stress, pain and balances your body. That way we are familiar with your goals and you will have begun releases for a stress- free hypnosis session.


 Usui Reiki conducts vital energy from the universal energy field into the human energy field for optimal development and fulfillment promoting highest healing and relaxation.

Ask about the benefits of Reiki following other protocols.


This is a tradition in Chinese medicine using moxa to boost body and immune systems.

Indirect moxibustion involves burning moxa (a substance created from dried leaves of the herbs mugwort or wormwood) in a stick from applied over accupressure points and areas of discomfort. Moxibustion has been recommended when acupuncture is not receiving desired results. It feels very good and is effective!

Good for: *Longevity and Arthritis *Increase Range of Motion *Alleviate Pain *Inflammation

and Stomach Issues *Arthritis *Back Pain *Headaches *Migraines *Muscle Stiffness *Menstrual Cramps *Digestive Problems *Ulcers *Cancer *Infertility *Tendonitis *Immune system support.

*Oracle Spread

Pulling 3 Oracle Cards to clarify issues and answers to questions.

Past Life Regression $90-1.25 hr.

*Recommended Kinetic Chain Release & Past Life Regression $145/ 2 hr

 Kinetic Chain Release, Moxibustion or Reiki $65/ 1 HR, $90/ 1.5 hr Combo

All sessions include a three card oracle reading


Barb works in Portland one Sunday a month.