Gifted by four Spirit Masters who appeared from the other side over a decade ago, I was given the knowledge of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel and clear confirmation I am to go forth as a Spiritual Guide, “A Seer”. The tool of The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel is proven to be a map of the workings of the human energy fields, helping those interested to see for themselves what’s going on in the operational background of the running of their energy, what is running their lives and what’s coming down the road (on its way in the near future). Also, it helps clarify what’s blocking you or holding you back at this point in time.
Readings with The Great Mayan Medicine Wheel. Learn where you are at in time, what’s coming down the road you might like to focus on, what’s keeping you stuck. “A Mind-Blowing Reading!”
Sessions 30 minutes or more including intuitive/guided bio-system energy shifting. (BS Removal)
35.00 per 15 mins
70.00 per 30 mins
105.00 per 45 mins
140.00 per hour
4th Saturday of the month in Portland