Conscious intuitive since the age of four, by the time he was 21 he had:

worked as a professional psychic
cleared his first ghost
worked as a medium, medical intuitive, and with past lives
began incorporating astrology, tarot and hands on healing into his work
won awards for his writing

By 41 he had:
his works available through DVD, CD, had several books out.
been working for over a decade full time as a fulltime Spiritual Catalyst
Had a radio show out
Created a the Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, hands on healing system
Had opened and run healing centers.
Got his doctorate in Divinity
Since then:
Traveled and taught through Europe and Central America
Began a successful TV show that went coast to coast
Founded a non-profit ( Web OF Light Foundation)
And has begun hosting Web Of Life Expo- Weaving a Web of Light
Dr Kevin is here today offering both Intuitive/Psychic readings as well as Wei Chi Healing Sessions:

In an Intuitive/psychic session he goes into sacred space and asks for that information and those energies which are in you highest and best good. What unfolds may include: Medical Intuitive, Past Life, Mediumship, glimpses into the future, insights into present situations or even insights and healings of unresolved issues from your past. These sessions are done in 15,30 or 60 minute sessions ( $40/$75/150)

In a Wei Chi Healing Session* we focus on one goal, whether that is to manifest something into your life, release something out of it or to transform something within it. Then through a combination of intuitive messages, visualization and hand on healing work we move you through as much of the process as you will allow and end with homework. These sessions can be scheduled for 60,90 or 120 minutes. ($150/$200/$250)

Dr. Kevin is in Portland every other Wednesday 11am-5pm