Alycia Burdwood

A Little Touch of Majik combines the healing arts of Polarity and Reiki with Massage techniques. Polarity is a form of bodywork that releases blocked energy at points in the body where nerve, burwood_aliciabone, and muscle meet. There energy often can get “stuck.” Polarity also invites the body to heal and recharge. Massage techniques can range from assisted stretches, to relaxing Swedish strokes, as well as many other techniques such as reflexology, myofascial, and neuromuscular all of which are designed to relax and relieve tired muscles. These tools combined with Reiki energy can create a wonderful session designed to allow the recipient a chance to relax which allows their body to heal and recharge.

Fees: Body Work: $1 min-10 min. minimum
Tarot-$25-15min; $45-1/2 hr; $75-hr.

Alycia does sessions in Portland the first Saturday of the month 11am-5pm.

Ashley Brooks

Ash Wolf Brooks is an astrologer, tarot reader and paranormal researcher. She does personal astrological chart analyses, solar returns and synastry and composite charts for couples. Her tarot readings rely on a blend of astrological inspiration and intuited information. Her goal is to help her clients reverse energy blocks, step into their own power and…

Rich Brobst
James Wanless

International Teacher and Speaker, Author and Creator of Voyager Tarot

Ted Andrews

Internationally recognized author, story teller, teacher and mystic.  Over 30 books include Animal Speak, The Healers Manual, and Nature Speak.

Ellen Dugan

Teacher, psychic and award winning author.  Books include Garden Witchery, Herb Magic and Natural Psychic

Colette Baron Reid

World-renowed intuitive counsellor, psychic medium, TV personality, author and radio host.  Books include The Map, Remembering the Future and Messages from Spirit

Carol Ritberger

Medical Intuitive, author and innovative leader in personality behavior psychology and medicine.  Books include What Color is your Personality, Healing Happens and Managing People

Peter Calhoun

Teacher, Shaman and Author of Soul on Fire

Dee Wallace

Actress, Healer.  Film and TV credits include Grimm, ET, and Cujo.