BioMorphic Geometry: The New Science of Healing -Aaron & Sue Singleton

2019/04/27 14:30 - 2019/04/27 17:00

BioMorphic Geometry: The New Science of Healing BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) is ground-breaking 5th dimensional science, applying geometry, mathematical formulas and algorithms that create energy. Frequencies created by BMG help correct and release imbalances in your DNA, brain, body and energy fields. The many BMG designs created by Aaron and Sue Singleton relieve neck, head and…


Meet and Greet with the Singletons

2019/04/26 18:30 - 2019/04/26 20:30

Meet Sue Singleton, internationally renowned Medical Intuitive/Healer, and Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor and Founder of The Energy of Life Integrative and Intuitive Healing Process. Aaron and Sue will share case histories, demonstrate their intuitive and healing gifts, BioMorphic Geometry, and answer questions concerning health issues. Visit and to learn more about the Singletons…