Communication with All of Nature-Graham Connolly

2019/02/11 18:00 - 2019/02/11 20:30

These classes have participants exploring their paradigm of energy communication from 3 facets. These facets being human-human, human-Spirit and human-Nature. In each of these environments you will participate in a deeper exploration of your energy system. How we can gain information and influence our environment energetically. You will be introduced to “4 Highways of Communication”,…


Medium Intuitive Readings and Healings/ Gretchen

2019/01/12 11:00 - 2019/01/12 17:00

King Solomon Healing Modalities. These healing modalities have been practiced for over 3500 years. The sessions are powerful, sacred and will change your life. They can help you open up to your greatest potential allowing you to step into your own Divinity. Fees: Cord cutting-$35; karmic matrix healing, 22 strand DNA activation-$111, Channeled readings-$28- 15…