4 Highways of Communication w/ Graham Connolly

2017/07/12 18:00 - 2017/07/12 20:30

Join us for a workshop to share some of the mechanics and exercises that will help you develop a practice of mindfulness involving how the human energy field interacts internally and externally. This will be a shift in paradigm for some but is based in the science of bioenergetics and consciousness. We will be experiencing an overview of the Highways of manifestation, transmission,  reception and liberation and how these highways interact with the Chakra system



Shamanism: A Spiritual Tool w/ Graham Connolly

2017/07/31 18:00 - 2017/07/31 20:30

Explore the world of shamanism and its origins, learn about power animals/totems, the realms of Spirit(Upper World, Middle World and Lower World)k, the symbolism of animals and experience the journey process.  It is an experiential workshop so come with an open heart and share a loving experience with like minded individuals.  Time permitting, an introduction…