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    10:00 am-5:00 pm
    123 Main Street, Freeport, ME, United States
    A Spirit Essence Portrait is a sacred gift to yourself to be used as a tool to bring you into stronger and clearer attunement with your inner Being. It can become a great source of inspiration. It conveys information about the outstanding qualities of your soul relevant to this lifetime as well as presenting insight into the various challenges and dreams that you are here to explore and manifest. Each person’s portrait is intended to resonate just with that individual, and to be used as a reminder of their soul’s beauty and character. Find happiness, health and prosperity when your soul’s voice is deeply listened to and accepted. As you journey through life, you may wish to commission Spirit Essence Portraits as visual reminders and tools to honor your progress.I combine my background as a clairvoyant with my artistic abilities to create your own spirit essence portrait. I will tune into you and do a watercolor painting (in the size you select-larger size is an additional cost) of your unique essence as it appears to me in a semi-trance state. I then combine the elements of what I find into your painting in a way that will be helpful for you in your path of development. The session takes approximately 90 minutes in person (longer remotely) and you receive the double benefit of learning what I discover in a reading as well as owning a Melissa Harris original painting.Any additional persons in a session such as a couple's painting are $85 extra per person. It involves a whole separate reading followed by a synthesis of the two individuals.Fee: $250 for 7x10 original portrait.  If you'd like a larger portrait, 9x12 is $335. Only 4 slots available. Please reserve your spot early! 9:15am-11:15pm, 11:15pm-1:15pm,  :45pm-3:45pm; or 3:45-5:45pmT North 2015Kerry & Curtis Hawaii 2015 croppedRegistration