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January 15
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    Psychic Medium/ Healings/Graham Connolly

    11:00 am-5:00 pm
    449 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME, USA
    Healing session modalities available include intuitive, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Shamanic and Somato Emotional Release for your wellness.
    Fee:$25-15 min; $50-1/2hr; $80-hr. Graham Connolly by trade is a microchip designer and holds a MS in Electronics and Microchip Design from the United Kingdom. His primary interests however lie in the Spirit Realm and serving community. Graham is a traditional Usui Reiki Master, a graduate of Spirit Passage’s 2-year Shamanism and Shamanic Healing program (inaugural). In recent years Graham has taught alternative therapies, meditation and mediumship classes and holds a Certified Medium certification with NSAC and has taught workshops and tutored at the International Spiritualist Federation and Lily Dale Assembly, NY as well as around the USA.Registration

    Atlantis and Lemuria/Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

    6:00 pm-8:30 pm
    449 Forest Ave, Portland, ME, United States
    Twice in our history, we have built and destroyed major civilizations. What were the messages of these events? How do they affect us today? This class covers the historical perspective, uniting modern research & psychic information with the creation story told in GenesisFee: $60Dr Kevin Ross Emery: Conscious intuitive since the age of four, by the time he was 21 he had:-worked as a professional psychic-cleared his first ghost-worked as a medium, medical intuitive,-began working with astrology, tarot and hands on healing. For the last 26 years, he has been working as a spiritual catalyst, is a best selling author with over a dozen books out, several DVD’s, CD’s, has had a radio show for 12 years and recently launched a TV show called Web Of Light.  He lives in Nashua, NH with his life partner Jeff and Maharajah (Raj) the cat, who keeps things interesting.  Find more about him at www.weboflight.com or reach out to him at DrKevin@WebOfLight.comRegistration